Visor BetterfitsSM

Healthcare coverage benefits done better.

Welcome to Visor Betterfits. The revolutionary new healthcare security plan designed to custom fit your organization and every one in it.

With Visor BetterFits, employees can customize their own benefit package and employers can know the plan still satisfies minimum requirements even though it includes plans not subject to the Affordable Care Act mandates.

As a result, employees will never have to settle for cookie cutter coverage or insurance plans that seem to change every year. Just as importantly, employers are able to offer the highest level of healthcare coverage possible while also keeping an eye on the fiscal health of the entire workplace — which, over the long haul, is best for everyone.


With Visor Betterfits, you have the freedom to create your own personalized healthcare benefits plan.

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From now on, your company’s health insurance is your most manageable cost, not your least.

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