FIFO-first in, first out

By Bill Hill

Will Massachusetts drop universal health care before everyone else adopts it?

The current Governor of Massachusetts just breathed a sigh of relief while he announced a three year $26.7 billion agreement with the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid(CMS).  This agreement is actually an increase of $5.69 billion over the previous waiver from the days of George Bush.  Why is this Massachusetts model the focus of so much buzz when the plan is bankrupting the state?  Read the comments of two Congressmen from Massachusetts as released by Governor Deval Patrick’s official website.  Congressman Edward Markey stated, “The Medicaid waiver serves as the cornerstone of Massachusetts’s health reform, and I’m pleased that the agreement announced today will provide the resources our health care providers need to care for our residents and will allow the Commonwealth to continue leading the nation in innovative health care solutions.”   In the same press release, Congressman James McGovern is quoted, ”We need to build on that success.  The initiatives supported by this waiver will continue to provide affordable access to high quality care for all patients while containing cost.” (emphasis added)

I just have one question for these representatives of the Commonwealth?  Which health plan are you referring to?