Our Approach

At Visor, one of our core beliefs is that the continued good health of all organizations depends on the continued good health of the individuals who work there. Unfortunately, the proliferation of first dollar insurance destroyed price point market feedback. As a result, employers and employees have been at the mercy of health insurance companies in determining the cost and types of employee protection offered.

Well, from now on, Visor BetterFits will put that control back in your hands.

For employers, Visor BetterFits allow you to provide the maximum amount of coverage for the annual Betterfits budget determined exclusively by you.

For employees, Visor BetterFits allow you to choose the types of coverage that best match your lifestyle, reflect your family history and provide you with the most peace of mind.

In fact, for the vast majority of individuals, Visor BetterFits will translate into more thorough, specialized coverage than you could ever expect from those “one size fits all” plans. Why? Because, suddenly, your coverage isn’t impacted by the lifestyle choices of others.

Our mission at Visor is to help the Country cure the pervasive and chronic medical conditions by first fixing the healthcare financing system. Once prices point feedback is reintroduced in to the market, the most efficacious treatments will reduce the cost and cure the Country.

This revolutionary combination of coverage, control and customization begin to represent what’s so unique about Visor BetterFits. But in reality, it’s our absolute commitment to customer service that will ultimately determine your overall satisfaction with Visor. Contact a Visor representative today and find out how we can help you every step of the way.

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