Nobody knows your body like you do. And with Visor Betterfits, you have total freedom to create the healthcare plan to protect it.

Here’s how it works. Your employer has allocated funds for you to build your own personalized healthcare security plan. This fund is called your Betterfits Budget. With the help of your Visor representative, you simply divvy up your Betterfits Budget for whatever types of health insurance coverage you see fit.

Mix and match carriers and coverages. Vary your deductibles. You can even supplement your Betterfits Budget with pre-tax contributions of your own.

With Visor Betterfits, you literally have limitless options – something you’ll find quite refreshing compared to previous group healthcare plans. Best of all, once you’ve created the ultimate plan for yourself and/or your family, you have the option of taking that plan with you no matter where your career takes you.

It’s portable. It’s personal. It’s not a benefits plan.
It’s your Betterfits plan.


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