Now that my company is switching from our traditional group health plan to the Visor Betterfits individual health plans, will the cost of my coverage go up?
No. Surprisingly, individual health plans are typically less expensive than group plans, allowing your individual coverage to go farther.
What kind of coverage is available?
Typically, an individual can purchase a better plan than what is being offered by the employer’s group plan. With the Visor Betterfits plan, you can mix and match carriers and coverages, vary your deductibles, and even supplement your Betterfits Budget with pre-tax contributions of your own.
Can I use the funds from my Betterfits program for other expenses?
The funds from your Betterfits program can be used to purchase a variety of products or pay for expenses not normally covered by medical insurance.
What happens to my insurance coverage when I leave my job?
If you have an individual health plan, you are the owner of your policy. If, for whatever reason, your job situation changes, your health plan goes with you. No more worrying about “job lock” and losing your coverage, as long as your premiums are paid.
Can I use the Visor Betterfits program for additional family members?
Yes. When you design your own personalized healthcare benefits plan, you decide which family members are included in your plan and what benefits they receive.
I’m worried about keeping my health information private. Does my employer have access to my health information?
No, your employer does not have access to your health information. If you have an individual health plan, you discuss your health information directly with Visor or your insurance company.
How does the Visor Betterfits program benefit me as an employee? Am I restricted to any certain plan?
You have the power to design your own personalized healthcare benefits plan and Visor has the products and services to meet your needs. Individual health insurance premiums are eligible for reimbursement, making it possible for you to use tax-free or pre-tax income to pay medical insurance premiums. Not only do you get to buy whatever coverage you see fit, you pay less for health insurance and various medical expenses.


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