From now on, your organization’s health insurance is your most manageable cost, not your least.

With Visor Betterfits, you have 100% control over the annual cost of your healthcare plan. In fact, determining your annual expenditure – known as your overall Betterfits Budget – is the only administrative task you have to concern yourself with.

Visor takes care of the rest. We help each of your employees craft every detail of his or her own completely personalized healthcare plan. We help you get back to managing your day-to-day business.

No more meetings with insurance carriers. No more time spent keeping up with the healthcare legislation coming out of Washington. No more mounds of reports and spreadsheets to pore over.

Just an ongoing promise kept to the people who make your organization healthy as possible. And an ongoing promise from Visor to make your healthcare benefits go farther. For everyone.


Products & Services

We are dedicated to the highest quality products and services.

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Carrier List

Visor Betterfits works with carriers across the country for custom fit plans.

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