How does the Visor Betterfits program benefit me?
Your employees can use tax-free or pre-tax income to pay for their medical insurance premiums, which gives you a way to reduce payroll taxes. With a Visor Betterfits plan, every employer can protect the bottom line and virtually eliminate all regulatory responsibility.
Can all of my employees get coverage?
Yes. In most states, if an employee is denied coverage by a carrier, they are guaranteed coverage in your state’s Health Insurance Pool (HIP).
What is the Health Insurance Pool (HIP)?
The Health Insurance Pool (HIP) is a state government mandate requiring carriers doing business in the state to insure those not eligible for coverage due to health issues.
Can we cancel our group plan at any time and sign up with Visor, or do we have to wait for our renewal date?
Group plans are unilateral and can be broken at any time. You don’t need to wait until renewal dates to make the switch and the enrollment process can be done at any time during the year. A Visor representative will be there to help you make an easy transition and educate your employees on individual health plan options.
How much will I have to contribute to my employees’ plan?
How much you contribute is based on your company’s yearly budget and the needs of your employees rather than insurance companies informing you of your annual rate and options.
What happens with COBRA when an employee leaves?
If you don’t have a group plan, COBRA doesn’t apply. When an employee leaves your company, they own their health policy and can take it with them. You don’t have to worry about making and receiving payments; there are no strings attached.
How will healthcare reform impact Visor Betterfits?
Most of the employer requirements will simply not apply.


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