Reduce your premiums, not your benefits!

We know that to pay for premium increases, employers have been reducing benefits or increasing the plan deductible.  What if you could insure the deductible?  We found a plan that does just that.  By changing the deductible to your current plan (even mid-year), and purchasing our product that coordinates with your current plan, your company will save THOUSANDS!

Here is how it works:

Increase your non-HSA group plan deductible to $5,000

Install our product with a $5,000 benefit

  • Out-patient procedures are covered to $4,000
  • In-patient procedures are covered to $5,000

Once the $5,000 benefit is exhausted, your major medical plan covers the rest!

The end result:

Employees realize a medical plan with $1,000 of deductible exposure

Employers realize a huge savings even with the combined premium


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Finally, a rate reduction!

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